Manual Machining

While CNC machining is usually the best way to create a part, there are times when using a manual mill or lathe is more appropriate.

In addition to our CNC equipment, Automated Production Machining, Inc. can create parts with manual mills and lathes in our custom shop.

What is Manual Machining?

Manual machining is the predecessor of CNC machining. The equipment is similar, but without the computerized controls.

Our custom shop includes manual mills, lathes and other equipment such as grinders and a tool room. We use the same strict quality requirements as in our other shops, but variations from one part to the next are common.

When is Manual Machining Appropriate?

There’s a fair amount of debate over when manual machining is appropriate. Based on our experience, these are the times we think you should choose manual machining:

  • Repair work
  • Very low quantities (less than 25)
  • Variations between parts are not an issue
  • Part variations are desired (to give a “handmade” look)

Why Choose Automated Production Machining, Inc.?

Automated Production Machining, Inc. specializes in milling and turning. We use both CNC and manual mills, lathes and machining centers to provide you with quality custom metal parts.

Choosing to specialize in these services allows us to provide you with a higher level of service because of our in-depth knowledge.

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