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From self-driving cars to industrial cleaning equipment and warehouse automation, robotics is a growing industry.

When working with small products, precision is a must. You need parts that meet the exact specifications or the equipment will fail.

Potential Applications for Robotics

At Automated Production Machining, Inc., we are proud to be a supplier for the robotics industry. We create a variety of parts for automated industrial equipment, including:

  • Connecting rods
  • Slide rails
  • Brake links
  • Sensor windows
  • Flanges
  • Brackets

Why Machined Parts for Robots?

Other manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing create parts one layer at a time. Not only is this time consuming, but each layer is rough in order for the next layer to adhere. This leaves an uneven surface that requires finishing to be usable, as well as a weaker part overall.

By creating parts with CNC machining, you are removing material instead of adding it. This means the part begins and ends strong. While some finishing may be necessary, machined parts provide smoother surfaces than additive manufacturing in less time.

Have Questions?

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