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Looking to create a metal or plastic part?

We can help with that!

Automation Production Machining, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant machine shop. We specialize in creating metal and plastic parts from low to mid volumes. We support your lean manufacturing and prototyping needs as well.

Why APM?

Since 1984, companies like yours have been relying our manufacturing expertise and exceptional quality. Your parts are created with care, beginning with a full review of your Solidworks or PDF print* to ensure it meets DFM standards.

Next, we’ll work with you to create a production schedule that meets your timeframes.

Your deadlines are no problem. Our full-service shop includes several CNC lathes and mills, as well as horizontal and vertical machining centers. Advanced capabilities like live tooling, multiple-axis machining and bar feeders get parts to you even faster.

After all your requirements are met, we’ll get to work creating parts that meet our rigorous quality standards.

Our company is leaning towards offshoring. Why choose a domestic company?

Working with a US manufacturer has several advantages, including flexible shipping options, faster delivery times, and lower shipping prices.

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  • Production time

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  • Provide different options for material and delivery if requested
 * We accept multiple filetypes. Contact us if what you have isn’t included on our upload form.