Custom Manufacturing

box of small copper machined parts

Sometimes off-the-shelf parts just won’t do. That’s why Automated Production Machining, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you high quality, custom metal parts using our CNC and manual machining equipment.

What is custom manufacturing?

Unlike mass production, custom manufacturing is where a shop like APM creates a part in smaller quantities specifically for one buyer. This allows us to perfectly match your specifications.

In mass production, extremely high quantities are produced in an assembly line according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This means that you have to first find the parts and build your design around what is available.

Custom manufacturing puts you in the driver’s seat. Instead of sourcing parts before design, you create your design and send specifications to us. We then create a part specifically for you.

Advantages of Custom Manufacturing

  • Higher quality control
  • Parts made by humans, not just machines
  • Quantities as low as one or as high as several hundreds or thousands
  • Easier to make design changes
  • More personal service
  • Less inventory=less waste

When should I choose custom manufacturing?

There are many applications for custom manufacturing. Here are just a few of the instances when mass production is not a good idea:

  • Your new product hasn’t been thoroughly tested
  • You have a design and cannot find parts that will work
  • A prototype is needed
  • Low or no inventory is preferable
  • Only a certain number of parts are necessary
  • Quality is the highest concern
  • Speed of delivery is important

Why Choose Automated Production Machining, Inc.?

You need a machine shop you can rely on. Someone who has the right combination of longevity and skill that you know will be around for years to come.

We’ve been creating custom parts for our customers since 1984. We love what we do and we’re good at it.

If you have questions about a specific project, upload a copy of your print or drawing¬†for a free quote¬†and we’ll see what we can do to help.